My husband and I have been separated since January. He's currently serving in the Navy as an E-6. I left him because he was physically and emotionally abusive towards me while I was pregnant. Out of anger he cut me off financially and sold the truck he had bought me as a gift prior to our marriage leaving me pregnant with no income or means of transportation. I notified his CO, but he failed to take effective action. When I asked my husband for money to buy diapers, a car seat, or anything related to our daughter prior to giving birth he either refused or ignored me. I gave birth to our daughter the end of July, and he didn't show up to even see her or at least sign the birth certificate because he wanted to spend his time off moving into his new apartment.

He has yet to provide anything for our daughter financially or material wise. I was willing to work on our marriage with counseling, but he notified me today that after he comes back from his training deployment that he will be bringing me divorce papers. He also made the statement that he would come get our daughter and take her with him when he wanted to. I am terrified of him taking our daughter and him being alone with her because he has short patience and anger issues. If something happened to her while she was with him, I would lose my mind. I don't know what my options are and I'm not sure what route to take since he is military. Any advice?