Update.. do I leave.. or???

I'm blue

She is grey

Posted this earlier BUT there's an update.

Pics of texts below update


Well..... she cussed me out on the phone and called me a bitch, said I'm wrong and she isn't wrong

I quit my job and sold all of my things so I could move to California to be with her.. and she's been acting funny for about a week. Not being as sweet, etc

She told me to leave her the fuck alone and to stop calling her or she's changing her number again, because she wants to sleep

Every person I've been with has always yelled at me, I'm only used to verbal and physical abuse. I've told her before that her yelling scares the shit out of me.

She said I need to apologize. And I said what about her calling me a bitch - she said, well you're being one

She's really mean out of nowhere all the time. I get that she's tired of fighting but.... she was never this mean before....