Is this rape??

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So 2 am this morning my moms bf was in my sisters room next to mine, so I walked thru their to get thru the kitchen (my house is made weird) and so I walk thru their and i guess he was in their and my sister was asleep and when i went to the bathroom an he was ask if im feelin better cause i been in pain all day.. And so i went back to my room and when i was going to sleep my sister went in my room scared shes like "he was just fingering me?" I was practically shocked and didint know what to do so i was like "wait was he really?" She like "yeah i was asleep when he was" an she told our mom and she got mad but she was asleep though. So now im mad and pissed and im scared now myself thats hes gonna touch me when im asleep. I was kinda wondering why he was in her room when the doors were shut and it was really late he usually in bed. Ugh Idk what to dooo im to scared 😰