45 and Cardiac Issues

Tia • 47, still TTC #1

I am 45, TTC baby #1 with my SO (be his 1st also), we've been trying so long and started the fertility clinic process in March this year. Just lost my job, but looking for another & kept my health insurance. Among other preliminary fertility clinic things, dr wanted a clearance from my GP or cardiologist. Found out I have Right Bundle Branch Block (electrical signal on right side is broken, so it kind of takes the "scenic route" to signal to my heart). Yesterday, had a treadmill stress test, echo ultrasound of heart, & am now wearing a 24-hr holter monitor (ekg) to see if anything else is wrong. Test results due in 5 or 6 days. No clearance yet so cannot even do preg pills yet! So stressed! Have wanted to be a mom to a brood of kids my whole life. Now just praying for 1. Just 1!! Any words of wncouragement would be greatly appreciated.