I Need Godly Advice!

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(I posted this in another group as well to get as much advice as possible) Anyways, I have a huge issue that I need help figuring out and would like the opinions and knowledge of those who are close to the Lord to help me with this. It's dealing with my marriage. I have been married 2.5 years. My husband and I are both Christian but I have recently begun a new journey to get closer to God and in doing so know I have to make some changes. Some of the changes are not that much of a issue but there is one that has been brought to attention by my husband. It had to do with sex. Now I know it says in the bible to not deny each other cause it leads to temptation and that your body is no longer just yours, it is your spouse's. The issue I am having isn't about not having sex it's about what is considered sinful even in a marriage sex wise? For example, we do dirty talk (but only about and to each other), and we use various toys sometimes on each other. We role play a little bit but are careful not to bring anyone else into our conversations or and minds and only focus on each other. My question more broken down is "are these things still ok to do as long as it's between us only"? Is there any scriptures against this at all or is that type of things just preference only and not sinful? My husband has made it clear to me that in order for him to enjoy sex that those things must be allowed because that's his preference. I enjoy them too but I just don't want to be going out of bounds. I don't want to have to get a divorce over something like this, as divorce is a sin too. I am being put in a very difficult position and I just need some feedback as I do not know for sure what to do. Please no judgement, I am only asking for advice and prayers on this.