What happens?

So all the stuff happening in the world, I see all these post of Bible verses that the end is coming very very soon. So what happens? Does the world and our existence end and we go to heaven or hell? Or how is this suppose to happen, or does the Bible even say anything? And what would make you go to heave or hell? I just wonder because I've been baptized as a Christian, I do believe in god, nothing will ever change my beliefs. I've seen his miracles. I know what he can do, I'm greatful for the things he's done for me. But I am definitely no angel... I'm not married, my boyfriend is an atheist like he doesn't talk about it really and sometimes he says stuff that's like okay so do you believe in god and just don't know anything or what, and not being married I live with him and we have a child together. I honestly have no idea if we'll get married or not, he just doesn't see it as anything but a piece of paper. So obviously I have premarital sex, I drink sometimes, I don't have a very clean mouth. Stuff like that. So it always makes me think I'd go to hell... so idk I just wonder how everything is suppose to happen when he comes back.