TTC struggles

After no AF yesterday morning and 2 positive pregnancy tests , I find myself cautiously optimistic. July I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks, my HCG levels went back to 0 shortly after. The following month I realized I had a chemical, due to the facts I had IB and a positive pregnancy test. Feeling completely betrayed by my own body, and confused 😔 I was so consumed with with becoming pregnant that it was all I thought about... day and night. The stress and anxiety of ttc was turning me into a crazy person, and I knew it was having a negative impact on my body. This month I relaxed, as if we weren't even trying. I drank beer and did things that I enjoyed. I started taking b3 and coq10, in addition to the prenatals and folic acid I was already taking. When it came to the ttw I kept myself occupied so it wasn't all I thought about. So I got my bfp, and I feel so blessed. I truly feel relaxing and not obsessing with opks made such a difference this month. It is still very early in this pregnancy , but I feel really good about it. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that this one will stick and I will see my baby and belly grow❤️ I know many women struggle to conceive, please don't loose hope. Relax and just be you, I hope your miracle comes soon💕