Inducing talk help


I need help here ladies I will be going to my doctors today to ask to be induced or set up an appointment after 41W I'm 40W 2D. I've never been one to argue with people let alone doctors but last visit I was told to wait until after 41W to SEE what the next step was & how much longer I should try waiting. I've been told already they don't recommend inducing until past 42W & because me or baby have not been officially checked just the typical my weight, baby's heart rate & my uterus size I'm skeptical about waiting that long because I don't know the size of my baby, if he really is head down etc things that will cause a problem in labor. I don't know basically how to stay strict that I want an appointment to be induced so I don't go past 42W.

No need for any of this "doctors orders" or "natural is better" I don't plan on a natural labor. Iknow my pain tolerance and wouldn't even try. I trust my gut at feeling there will be complications if I go past 42 weeks