crazy dream or is it a sign?

I don´t need people to tell me to calm down. i´m not worked up or stressed.

I am simply wondering on your opinion what you think or how you would take this kind of dream I'm about to tell you about.

Back when i was around 2 months pregnant i had a dream where i was at my parents house, laying down watching t.v. when (in the dream) my mom comes in the room and says your having a baby today. she then stated it was going to be a C-section! now idk why in my dream it was going to be C-section. But i do remember looking at my phone (in my dream) the date was September 10th and the time was around noon ish.

I am wondering if you would have thought that was a crazy dream if you were to have had it OR a possible sign that the dream could have meant something? but not sure what it could mean.

your thoughts?