I think my sister is a sucky mom.

mommy of twin boys💙💚

I've tried for years to put myself in her position to understand where she is coming from but as a new mom to two beautiful boys I just can't. She has 2 kids, 13 & 9 yrs old. She doesn't do ANYTHING with them. She is always stuck in her room either reading or watching tv. The boy likes to try for different after school activities & she always has an excuse for him not going. He did drama last year and she didn't go to any of his plays except for one in April and that's because my mother convinced her husband to go since I just gave birth to my boys and my mother was with me because my husband was working. She tried to get him to quit that, would even ground him & tell him he couldn't go. For no reason other than she just doesn't want to pick him up, so my mother and I have to find time to pick him up so he can stay in his after school activities. This year he decided to join football & it was the same thing she wouldn't sign the paper so she wasn't responsible for picking him up so my mom had to sign. She even told him he should quit because he wouldn't be any good. Wouldn't buy him the shoes he needed. So my husband and I had to buy them so he could play. She doesn't take them to school dances either I have to do that. She says school is only to learn not to have fun. She says she does what she's supposed to which is put a roof over their heads and feed them. & it's not just after school activities. My niece has a bad habit of not keeping her room clean so when her dad gets mad he makes her sleep in the living room on the floor in the corner. & my sister says nothing. She always chooses him over the kids. He isn't even a good husband. Has cheated multiple times. They have all the $ for themselves but never for the kids. I just don't understand how they could be this way. It's so much more for me to write I just wish I could do more for them.