Mind blown (long post)


Okay so I just want to get on here and share my story with y'all because I'm still mind blown. Someone may see it, some people may scroll past it but I'm telling it!

So I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy River on August 22nd. Due to not being able to progress properly I ended up having an emergency c section. My heart rate and blood pressure dropped extremely low while my sons heart rate went way up. So yea, a c section. I was mentally prepared and in the back of my mind I knew I was going to need one. I was in labor for 43 hours, and I was 41 weeks and a day. Anyway, he got here safe and sound! My hospital visit was fantastic..

Fast forward to last Thursday.

CPS is knocking on my door. My husband and I are like...uh wtf? Why are you here?

Well they claimed that there was an "unknown " substance in my sons meconium..they interviewed us separately about our personal history (do you have a drug problem? Addicted to alcohol? Etc..) gave me a care plan, said they probably wouldn't be back and left my home.

Turns out my son did test positive for Methamphetamines but only because of the drug they had given me at the hospital to raise up my blood pressure. This was also reported to cps and they took it upon themselves to come interview us anyway knowing he was positive because of something given to me to raise my pressures and heart rate. I didn't even know it. My nurses were supposed to inform me of the drugs given and what would have been the outcome for the both of us. Granted I was in and out on consciousness. They could have told my husband or after my c section...

Im still mind blown that this happened..has this happened to anyone before?