🤷🏻‍♀️Update:: I'm petty. *Rant ahead*

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***DISCLAIMER: I know this is wrong, and petty, and selfish. But I cannot help how I'm feeling.****

So, my daughter is 8 months old. She was planned, I had my own apartment, my own car, a steady and stable job, and a serious relationship. (None of this matters, I know, just givin' the background.) my cousin who is two years younger who has ALWAYS been the family favorite (and yes, in my family they DO have favorites) has a 3 month old son. She had no stable job, or any at all, was extremely selfish and was into hard drugs. (Again, no offense to those recovered. I just happen to think she's a dunce because she saw exactly what happened to multiple of our family members who did what she did, and still chose to do so.) She got so bad she sold her sisters game system for them.

She got help (which I do applaud her for, no beef there obviously as I saw she was doing better for herself.) however, she still has no job even though her mom can and would watch him, she relies on her mom to pay for his things and never credits her.

Our family absolutely favors her son and has not once asked about my daughter. She hid her pregnancy for over six months from most family and still got praise 🤷🏻‍♀️. She gets the comments "you're doing such a good job!" While I can't even get a "how is your baby doing?" And yes, that's extremely petty however it hurts that nobody cares about her besides her fathers side and obviously us. Like ???? How is that okay? I've never once heard them say "when can I see her?" Or even make an attempt even though they're around.

The absolute kicker is she wants me to always give her advice and honestly part of me wants to say why don't you go get attention from anyone else but me, since you have literally EVERYONE else in our family. I feel as though I know I'm being petty and bitter, but can't help it. Anyone gone through the same?

Update: She put up a status basically whining she had no friends left, said she had amazing family and now she's stressed. She also sent me a picture of her son and it made me wonder why because she only talks to me when she needs advice or wants to talk about him. We haven't been close in years & quite honestly I was fine with that. I wish she'd realize she has every single family members praise and does not need mine!