IUD - changes in body, hormones, skin..


So I've had the skyla for about 2years now, and I feel like it's decreased my sex drive, my period are very off!! I've been getting my period since I was about 9yrs old and I'm 21years old. Faithfully every month, and It's ALWAYS on time. I'm finally getting my period after not seeing it for 2 months! I appreciate my period and it's also a way that the body gets rid of waste. Plus, I have serve cramping now cause of the Skyla!!

My skin has also been increasing in acne and I've never suffered from acne. If it's my IUD causing this, why now? 2 years later??!

I've been getting tons of ingrown hairs, and I believe it's caused me to have slight depression. Im always fighting with my boyfriend over silly nonsense and then always end up crying. I've never been this way. I'm going to make an appointment to have it removed because I'm just ready to get my body back on track.

Does anybody else have any similarities? If so what?