9 days late


Well at this point I’m 10 days late. I took a test exactly a week ago and I had a super faint line. Took three more home tests. BFN. I had my doctors appointment and pee test was also BFN. So she took my blood, that too came back BFN.

I spotting for a little over a week. My boobs have been sore. I have felt dizzy and felt like I wanted to throw up but never did. My areola’s have changed color, my boobs do appear to be larger. I’ve had light cramping but not too severe. I also do pee a lot. Then today right before I got my call from my doctor we noticed I had stretch marks on my lower tummy near my pelvis area.

I feel like my body is screaming pregnant but all my tests are saying I’m not.

My last period started August 13th and I ovulated August 23rd. We had a ton of sex during that week. Multiple times a day.

I don’t know what to think at this point.