Crazy ex-friend.

Not sure where to post this. Sorrryyy!!!

But a friend of mine is recently being hunted down by a girl we use to go to school with over a decade ago.

This girl we will call her Jennifer and my friend we will call her Britney stopped speaking a year after high school,

Britney found Jennifer to be too wild and wanting to party all the time and wasn't able to hold down a job, flunked out of high school and just wasn't trying to get her life together.

So she started to distance herself in hopes the relationship would fizzle, when there was anything that came up Britney politely declined to attend, in most cases she had to work and was focused on her own life and didn't want to get caught up with Jennifer's wild nights and most often drama fueled.

Now over a decade later Jennifer posts on her Facebook wall for the public big and bold that she is looking for Britney and even inserted her last name on this post. Britney doesn't have a facebook but someone who does alerted Britney.

My friend Britney just wants to avoid her and ignore it and in hopes that Jennifer will get the hint and go away, she explained to me that Jennifer's mental state wasn't the greatest in high school and talking to her and trying to let her know it's time to move on will make things worse.

Okay so I understood, I was at Britney's parents house last night for a family thing and JENNIFER called, Brits mom picked up and asked how she got the number! She 411'd it she explained, she went on to say her SO other has passed away and wanted to catch up with Britney over coffee. Her story was a lie, I looked her up on FB and her SO is still alive .. so my friend is scared of what this woman is going to do or wants I believe this woman is unstable so I guess im wondering what can my friend Britney do or say to Jennifer to get her to leave her alone without her going psycho?