doctors visits suck


went to the doctors today to get results from an ultrasound. she was really moody and was like "it wasn't clear enough" and just said its probably just period pains. but when you're on your period is it normal to have to wear 2 pairs of underwear, a pad and then thick jeans / bottoms just so it doesn't leak through? is it normal to have such bad back pain that you literally struggle to stand up? like parecetamol or ibuprofen dont really work and it literally brings me to tears all the time. I used to be o codrydamol and that helped a bit but also made me really sleepy so it didnt help me live a normal life. I'm pretty sire there's something wrong. she told me that if I think its going to be bad, then it will be worse and basically said its in my head. im so fed up ugh