Acupuncture? (With updates)


Have any of you tried acupuncture to try to conceive? Was is successful?

Also, has anyone used acupuncture regularly during their pregnancy?

Update: I’ve got an appointment with my Acupuncturist this coming Monday. Fingers crossed he can work some magic! He travels a lot to teach, so Idk what our schedule is going to be like yet. I’ll update when I know more.

Just realized I never updated this and it can possibly be beneficial to others:

In October I began receiving acupuncture once a week. About mid way through the month I also picked up hot yoga. At the beginning of November a visit to my obgyn had me taking a break from charting (my bbt was all over the place, so she said there was no point in continuing to monitor it. Instead she wanted me to go in around the time of ovulation to confirm I was actually ovulating). I continued with acupuncture and hot yoga up until ovulation - which was actually 5-6 days later than expected despite getting a false positive from an OPK the week prior. I continued getting acupuncture and on Dec 6th I got my BFP!

Do I think the acupuncture helped? Absolutely, but I also think essentially taking a month to focus on myself was also a key factor because I was less stressed overall. I thought November was a loss because my husband and I had half the amount of sex we did other months while trying, but in the end I did wonder if that helped too. Instead of it being a chore on a timeline, we had sex for fun and because we wanted to.

So in a nutshell, I definitely recommend trying acupuncture if you are struggling to conceive. But I can’t say for sure that was the only contributing factor to our success.

Wishing you all baby dust 💕.