My husband and I haven't talked in 3 days

I found stuff in his phone 3 days ago and I been trying to talk to him so bad about it and he's just been ignoring and avoiding me so much he's obviously guilty right? He's being so mean to me i haven't even seen him in 3 days I'm litarly going crazy now I haven't ate one thing now for 2 days I just drank water I been shaking so hard I feel like my body is going into a reaction I love this man with everything invested in me that's why I married him but for him to fuck me over for another girl really fucked with my brain and now it's even worse bcuz he won't talk to me at all .. and his family is all in on this Idk why they are doing this to me I feel like they are sneaking this girl there for him .. I thought my inlaws loved me but turns out they gave him an extra phone to talk to this bitch with out me knowing ... please give me advice I litarly can't eat I'm disgusted no appetite at all stomach hurts so much and head in so disgusted 😢 I can't stop crying or sleep I'm going crazy and bad things running though my head we have been together for years now his family told her to move in with them and now I see why he's been spending so much time at his family's house lately

Supposedly he got her pregnant and she has a one year old that might be his 😰