i no long want anything to do with him


so a week ago, I found out that my biologic dad was arrested. The charges ranged from sexual penetration of a minor, having nudes of the minor, sending nudes to carrying a loaded weapon in a liquor store, and public intoxication. Didn't care to much only do to the fact that he wasn't in my life till i was 21 and then when I was 26. Found out today that the girl that he sexual abused, he has been doing it since she was 9. And she is the granddaughter to one of his best friends. Well found out that he cheated on my mom when they were married with another friend and got the pregnant so I have a half sister my age.. I'm 29. Well, I also found out that one of my aunts knew about all of this because he told her, she let him live with her. and did absolutely nothing. which hurts because she is wiccan. well a cousin told me that I should support him because we don't know the truth.. only he knows the truth and he is family. her words were "everyone has dirty laundry that no one hangs out." I told her that I will never support a man who hurts a child in anyway, especially in a sexually way. sorry for that long disturbing rant.. but I need to get that off my chest.