In-Law Hospital Horror Story (Funny, But Long!)πŸ‘»


Since it's getting to be Spooky Time.... Here's an IN-LAW HORRIR STORY!!!

I've been in the hospital since 26+4 now 32+3 (very complicated pregnancy anyyyy who) we arranged for his step mom/dad/grandma to come on a Sunday at 11 so my husband would be there. PLEASE KNOW I am not close with them I have met them less than 10times due to distance and blah blah and even MY family is not allowed in hospital after my C-Section I'm a private person and they respect it. That Sunday at 9am on the dot she comes barreling in my room like a bat out of hell and my heart stops. No husband, lights off, and baby on the monitor.

Little back story. His family and my family are POLAR OPPOSITES. I don't know how to act I get really weird and REALLY too sweet/tolerant because i don't want them to hate me they crucify all the married in wives who piss then off in the family. My family is honest to a fault and really thick skinned. I'll be on the phone with my dad and him piss me off and I'll be like "Fuck off" "excuse me?" (Always warranted if you knew him and his mouth) but we talk again the next day like it never happened because that's how my family is. I'm majorly respectful to them but HOLY hell my in laws are S-E-N-S-I-T-I-V-E and stupid hicks. His grandma asks horrible questions about my pregnancy (I have lost a twin and the other is threatened) and his dad has heart issues and anytime anything happens his step mom calls him BAWLING making Casey think he's dying and he has to make a drive 2 hours away RIGHT then or he will never say goodbye. Picks me up from work in a teary eyed panic and calls her to say we're on the way after driving 45minutes and his dad answers and is like "what's up we just left the doctors were at Walmart" this has happened 4 times.

Back to the hospital story! I'm sitting there think no....NOOOOO.... and I make them wait until monitoring is over and I call my husband like "ASS. HERE. NOW" and fake being on the monitor for 30minutes until he is and the nurses find it sooooo funny. I finally convinced myself how bad could it be? Oh lord. Oh my lord.... 😩 BAD.

They come in after me telling my husband it's okay I'm not mad after he apologizes 100x. His grandma sits down but his dad and step mom REFUSE to sit. They stand 4 inches from me like I'm pushing the baby out or dying. It makes me hella uncomfortable so I have my eyes LOCKED with my husband the whole time to distract myself from how anxious that made me. They have been briefed NOT to talk about the passed twin or our complications with our daughter. My ONLY rule for visiting. He and his step mom walk out of the room 5min and his grandma asks me HORRIBLE questions about the passing and the condition that they follow the Facebook page we made for updates πŸ™„πŸ˜’and his dad asks straight up, "So is Delilah going to die too?" I almost she hulk so fast and almost lunged my preggo ass to smack him RIbGHT before husband walked in and took them to lunch.

I texted him and told them what they said and he almost Hulks out on them at Torchys Tacos and I told him not to until that night because I was already anxious and didn't want the hostility in my room when they came back. So I told him to say I didn't want visitors I wasn't feeling good so they were going to pop their head in and say bye. I went the whole 9 yards lights off and laying down and everything. He also told them I dont like to be touched so no hugging. WHAT DO THEY DO INSTEAD? Bend over my bed as if I'm dying and STOKE my hair for like 60seconds and then KISS MY FOREHEAD. Thats really weird to me! We're not close! I don't even let my mom do that and she knows I HATE being touched! So I'm laying their trying not explode

And my husband is standing there in horror as they do it...because he KNOWS my soul is exploding.

They leave and I look at him like, "I love you, but I have never hated you more ever in the entire time I've known you". He's like "I have no words for how awful that visit was." *Awkward silence* so I go "hun...I'm sorry and I know they will hate me forever but... they are banned until post delivery...." and he's like "oh yea...definitely banned...that was. Wow."

I am so glad he was on the same page as me! Either way I'd have had the nurses band them. My pregnancy/delivery my rules. Sorry not sorry. This is a positive vibe ONLY room and I will be having a C-Section at 34 weeks (13 days left 🎊🎊🎊) and hoping for only a week of NICU time! πŸ’œ She's definitely a fighter! Today is 42 days of me being in the hospital and counting! Ladies do NOT feel pressured to have people you don't want at the hospital normal pregnancy OR complicated. You are the queen of your own delivery! Share your In-Law Horror Story in the comments! πŸ‘»