First Natural Cycle IUI help!


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can help me understand this. I had <a href="">IUI</a> 12 days ago on a natural cycle. I was told to take ovitrelle 250 shot 5dpiui to support any potential pregnancy.

I have been testing out the trigger with cheap internet tests and yesterday and today showed negative.

I have read that ovitrelle 250 lasts for around 7 days in your system.

I gave in and took a clear blue digital this afternoon...99.9% sure it would say “not pregnant” due to negative internet tests....but has come up “Pregnant 1-2”

Could this still be the trigger or is this it?

Symptoms have been sore boobs, lower back and tiredness...but I assumed this could also be from injection?

Thanks so much to anyone who can give their advice.