I’m scared....

Shelby • Married to the man of my dreams on 7/7/14! 😍 Our little princess was born December 1st, 2016, and our prince was born on 07/17/2018 ❤️❤️

So at this moment, my husband is at his recruiters office, taking his second test to join the Army and I’m nervous....

Here’s a little backstory:

My husband has ALWAYS wanted to join the army. His grandpa was in it, his dad was in it, and his sister is in the navy. But he has just never done it. He’s been going from job to job (grocery stores, restaurants, sales, etc...) the past 4 years that we’ve been together and just never been happy.. always had something that he didn’t like, plus, he just doesn’t make enough. I’m a stay at home mom with our 10 month old, and he wants me to stay at home (and I want to stay home with our baby, haha), but he just doesn’t make enough for us. We recently moved to another state, and live in an efficiency apartment with all three of us (living room and bedroom are one, little kitchen with no oven, just a stove, and little bathroom), and we don’t like the size, but we wouldn’t be able to get anything bigger, cause we can barely afford this as it is. The past couple weeks he brought the army again. I had always been against it, because I am afraid of him leaving... I don’t want to be by myself and I’d miss him very much. He’s my life. But whenever he brought up the army this time again, I told him he should go for it. I’m tired of me being the only one that keeps him from his dream. I’m tired of seeing him unhappy. I just want him to be happy.

I’m just scared of what’s going to happen. I’m going to miss him sooooo much!!!

He wants to live on base if he gets accepted, and I’m nervous about deployment. I’m nervous about being away from him for basic training. I’m nervous about how the army is notorious for cheating, even though I know he loves me, and our daughter, and only wants the best for us. Im trying SO hard to be strong for him, and push him to be the best he can be, while it’s killing me on the inside to know he’s going to be gone for a long time, and I’m in a place where I know no one. I don’t even have a drivers license (never had one). I just need some help. Need to know what I’m going to go through.