Baby frustrating himself


Hi all. Anyone else have this issue with their baby? My little boy is 8 weeks on Saturday. Let me say for the most part he is an easy baby and fairly happy. He is sleeping great through the night anywhere from 6-9 hours a night. Formula fed. His issue though is that he fights naps during the day like crazy. He constantly has his hands on his face and head and if he starts to doze off he wakes himself up minutes later by flailing his arms around. This goes on all day! He uses a pacifier, we’ve tried swaddling for naps (hes always swaddled at night), he gets burped every couple of ounces during feeds, etc. I’m just not sure what else to do! He gets so frustrated with himself! And it’s so obvious that he’s exhausted. Any suggestions? No naps during the day makes it impossible to get anything done. He won’t even nap on me.