Weird symptoms or could this be it??

Hi ladies, I have some new and unusual to me symptoms going on and wondered if any of you have also had them and think I may be pregnant 😊 I am extremely tired, like to the point where I'm falling asleep in the middle of a conversation or as soon as I'm "still" for half a second. I'm also having some discomfort during BD'ing which has NEVER happened to us before. It's not PAIN it's just uncomfortable. I have a weird cramping feeling (on and off that feels like AF cramps for the last week 1/2) almost like a stretching feeling that's down low and when I move it feels like I pulled a muscle. I'm nauseous from the time I get up till about noon time every day for the last week 1/2 too. So now that I've probably confused all of you too, what do you think?? Our fingers are crossed for a BFP on 11-4-17 💜💜 Baby Dust to all of you and God bless!