Support after miscarriage


I have two beautiful accidental blessings. Ive been with my boyfriend/fiance (long story) for awhile now and he doesn't have any kids but wants one. So we decided to start trying last month.

On the 25th I still hadn't gotten AF (always regular) so i took a test, vvfl so i took two more the next day, same thing so I assumed i was pregnant and made an ob appointment for 8 weeks. Then last night i went to the bathroom and wiped blood. I freaked out so I grabbed another test and this time they were digital, both negative. So this morning i went to get more tests. I took two different dye test both vvfl but positive. So i head to the er because im now passing blood clots like a heavy period. They did an ultrasound and found nothing. Dr said since i got so many positives i must have miscarried before i got to the hospital. I am beyond devastated, both my previous pregnancies were healthy but unplanned. This one we tried so hard for and i lost it. Im so sad and hurt.

How do you cope with the emotional part of grieving? And how soon can we start trying again?

Thank you in advance!