My husband is a phony


I left my home state to be with my husband. My husband left our home state to be with his daddy. I have been here 5 years. His dad left the state 8 years ago to marry wife #7. My family is back in my home state and now as my daughter turns 2; I really miss my family. His dad is 4 hours away and retired but never comes to visit. My husband worships his dad despite his shortcomimgs- selfish, judgemental and an absent grandfather. I say nothing because If I say how I really feel- it's a fight. The thing that makes me crazy mad is these expectations he has for his dad- which he never meets. His dad will never help us financially or our daughter- despite his wealth- and never be present in our daughter's life because he is happy in his little bubble 4 hours away. It makes me crazy to listen to the embellished lies and stories my husband tells his father in order to gain his acceptance and pride. It literally makes me sick to hear my husband and see him be a phony to his father. Does anyone experience this with inlaws? How do you handle it?