Birth Story So Far. Ready to Sue or Something!


Friday morning 10-27-17 I slid out of the bed to go to the bathroom like normal and I felt a little trickle come out, I told my husband I peed my self a tiny bit and I laughed and went to the bathroom. I was off work this Friday and so was mg husband so we were using the time to clean up and prepare for the baby. I kept "peeing" myself throughout the morning, just a tiny amount. I sat in the floor and began fold some laundry. Once I finished I stood up and a fairly big stream of something came out of me and filled my pad. I yelled at my husband and told him I thought my water was broke, but I still wasn't sure. I called my doctor and was told to come in and be checked. So we did! My doctor is an hour away so we started driving, got there, checked in, it took forever for a Dr to come check me, but they finaly did and she knew right away my water was broke. Sadly, I was still just dilated to 3cm, which i had been there for a week, but I was finally admitted!! This whole time I was having contractions, but I had been having those for weeks now. I was admitted at about 3:00pm, they went ahead and started pitocin, honestly it didn't do much for me, they had to turn it way up to get it working for me. The contractions did start to get much strong, and they started hurting incredibly bad. I was trying to avoid epidural because I am terrified of needles, but it was now 8:00pm and I had only progressed to 5cm. I decided I could go on forever with that pain, so I asked for the epidural. I hated getting that, it hurt and mentally I was just terrified of it. When it was over though, I felt sooo much better! I was checked again at 9:00pm, 5 and 1/2. I was getting depressed! And my back was hurting sooo bad. Checked again at 10:30pm and I was 8cm! Finally! Just a little bit later I called nurse and told her I was feeling tons of preassure and like I could poop. She check me and said I was 9cm, maybe close to 10, shed be back in an hour to see. Well an hour and a half later we called her, and sure enough I was 10cm and fully effaced, ready to start pushing! Time went fuzzy after this, I can't remember exactly what happened when, but I started pushing, it wasn't bad, we kept going, on and on. Baby was not moving at all. Now, my OB had told me that my pelvis was a little narrow, but she had said multiple times that she didn't think I would have problems, baby was smaller she thought and she thought I could do it. I pushed for 3 hours and baby did not move at all. The Dr on call came in, checked me, and told me my pelvis was only 4cm wide and there was just no way this was happening. He said baby wasn't in distress at all, she looked good, but she wasn't coming down any further cause she just couldn't. I began bawling. I feared a c section, I started having a panic attack. This wasn't what I wanted, this wasn't the plan, I was scared. I hyperventilated for a while, crying so hard, I was terrified. They came in around 4:30am and said the Dr was in a delivery, my dr would be coming in that morning. It would probably be the same amount of wait time, waiting on the delivery, or waiting on my Dr to sign on, so I chose to wait until my dr signed on, they said that about 6:30. My Dr came and seen me around 7, and said, well were waiting on the anesthesiologist, hopefully soon. Finally, around 8:00am they took me back, I was still crying. The c section was odd. I couldnt feel.the pain, but I could feel them in there, they had to push her out of my pelvis, them talking about it started to scare me cause they kept saying things like "nope, can't find her yet" and "Yeah, get your hand down there, push, yeah okay, push her out of there". That was terrifying. At 8:18am Saturday morning 10-28-16 my beautiful little girl, Elsie Mae Shaw, came into the world. 7lb 4oz 20 inches long and completely perfect. I thought shed have a cone head bad or something from being stuck in my pelvis, but she didn't. She was so beautiful. My husband held her by my head so I could see her, I couldn't believe how perfect she was. Everything went great while in the hospital, we were sent home Monday afternoon, and I was ready to be home! All went well, things were going great and we were adjusting decently. Then, Tuesday afternoon around 4 I started feeling awful, took my temp and it was 100.4. I knew that wasn't good. Checked again a bit later and it was 101.0 so, I called the nurse on call ast my Drs office and they said I needed to go to the ER and be checked out. Took my temp once more, 102.5. My husband and I opted to drive to Springfield, where I delivered, to be seen. We got up there, checked in, I peed in a cup, it looked awful, and we went to waiting room to sit. It was right at 8 when we sat down, they didn't call us back until 10. Back in the room they looked me over, I had a small rash on my upper legs and my stomach, but they didn't mention it, he looked at my insicion. Then did pelvis exam to check for uterus infection, he didn't see any evidence of one. They did blood work, chest x ray, and an ultrasound of my right leg because it was a lot more swollen than my left. The radiologist said, "I don't see any blood clots, but your lymph nodes are really swollen". Which is an indication of infection somewhere. Blood results came back and my white blood cell count was elevated, another sign of infection somewhere. The Dr never came and talked to me, I seen him maybe twice but he never talked about results of tests. They discharged me, empty handed, with instructions to call my OB in 2 DAYS. I called my Dr the next day(Wednesday), she prescribed me antibiotics for what she thought was a UTI. I started taking them, took 1 when I picked them up, took 1 when I went to sleep that night, and I had spiked a fever again that night. My mom was staying the night, sleeping on the couch beside me helping since my husband had to work. In the middle of the night I woke her up cause I was moaning in pain and shaking uncontrollably because I was so cold. My mom called nurse on call and she said to monitor me closely and give the antibiotics time to work. Next day(Thursday), I just didn't feel good still, I took another antibiotic and went about the day, still feeling off, and running a low grade fever all day. Around 3 or 4:00 my fever began to rise, 101.4, 102.5, 102.7. I called my Dr and she said to go to ER. I went to the ER in my town rather than driving an hour to Springfield and them just sending me home like they did last time. I was immediately put in a room at the ER, they took tons of blood, and by now the rash on my stomach and top of my legs was looking pretty bad. They did a CT scan. We sat and waited a while, knowing they were waiting on test results. Eventually, a doctor came in and told me I was going to be admitted to hospital. I had an infection of some sort and I was going to need to start IV antibiotics asap. I was freaking out a little, just scared. I was admitted, given antibiotics and pain medicine. The results from the CT scan were hard to see because of all my swelling, but with my white blood cell count being so high they needed to start something now. Then on call OB came in and seen me, he was very kind, but very worried, he said the rash looked infectious and maybe like toxic shock, my insicion didn't look great either. He put me on 2 different antibiotics. A while those started I felt something wet on my bed, I looked down and there was a good amount of blood. Turns on my insicion started oozing out the infection and it had ran down my side and soaked the bed. Dr came in Friday morning and he felt he saw some improvement. He came back late afternoon and said he thought it looked better, but now looks worse. He talked to me about the possibility of having to open the wound back up to scrape the infection out. Later that night he brought in the weekend Dr, they looked at me, decided to start some benadryl, thinking that the rash could also be from what they used to prep me for the C section. They left to go discuss my situation. Nurse came back about an hour later and told me they decided to transfer me to Springfield, because the wound wasn't draining as well, it was more tender, and the hospital I was at didn't have a wound care team if things went bad. I lost it, I didn't want to go to Springfield, I wanted to go home and be with my baby. So, after a dose of benadryl, they loaded me into the ambulance and off we went to Springfield. Once I arrived i got into the bed and waited for the dr. He came by and didnt think the wound needed to be opened up just yet, we wouls just monitor it and my white blood cell count. After this, days just blended together, they tale my blood every molrning and every night, check my insicion, check my rash, give me IV antibiotics and benadryl. The antibiotics ended of giving me a yeast infection, which was awful on top of all this. My jusband was my rock, he is my biggest support through all this.