Is this cheating?

I didn’t want to look through his phone but my boyfriend has a history of being shady. He wouldn’t cheat but he’s talked to other girls before and takes random videos of women’s asses out in public. I thought he stopped but I looked at his phone last night while he was asleep and he’s still at it! He’s not talking to other girls but I’m pissed about the videos. And he saves random pictures of sexy women on Instagram and shit. He doesn’t have a single picture of me saved. I feel like that’s a bad thing): he says he loves me but Idk it’s kinda hard to believe right now. He’s coming back over tonight and I wanna bring it up. Well I’ll have to actually. I played it cool with him this morning but I’m gonna have to say something very soon or it’ll drive me crazy. I just don’t know exactly what to say. Please I need advice.