Okay guys I need some advice,so this is my situation,I know myself and I know I think too much,this is my story,so my bf has this gf friend that texts him all the time ,all the time as in every day, she sends him these silly joke links,says hi I miss you ,sending pics of herself etc, mind you I have male friends but I don’t text them every day I definitely don’t send them pics of myself.... so it’s really bugging me,I brought it up on multiple occasions and he says it’s no big deal because it’s just jokes that he just respond to with a laughing icon. But ladies it’s bothering me,this simple little issue made me lost over 10lbs ,it breaks my heart because I think he should see that I’m hurting and stop her and I don’t want to give up on us but if it’s too much I guess I will have too💔😭my family is so worried about my weight lost but I didn’t mention anything to them,because I don’t want them to get involved,but ladies please some advice ....am I making a big deal out off nothing