After trying to get pregnant for a couple of months now, my hubby suddenly decided it would be better if we wait to have kids of our own for a couple years...even though he already has a daughter. Am I just freaking out?


He suddenly changed from happy to trying to get pregnant to stopping. To stopping all together and saying we should be financially stable 1st. Yes I agree with him on that since I'm still studying but then he was like "if you get pregnant get an abortion" like tf...I tried telling him about adoption and he said that was out of the question. I suggested one of my sisters or mom raising the child until we are stable and once again out of the question...I told him how can he suggest death as an easy way out and he said I don't want anybody else raising our children. yet he suggested abortion and I'm against it. its weird cuz he's saying there's a chance I'm pregnant rn and he gets happy, rubs and kiss my stomach, ask a if I'm craving something and runs out to get it...then tells me I have by the end of this month to make a DR appt to see if I am or not. I honestly agree waiting until financially stable but the abortion topic angers me if I was pregnant rn the baby would hear his or her daddy saying that. if I'm not well I'm putting my foot down and no sex for him until we're good.

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