Hes mad bc im babysitting.

He seriously got mad at me because im babysitting my sisters boyfriends child. My fiance is holding this ridiculous grudge because my sisters boyfriend said something rude to me almost two freaking years ago. And since then my sister and i have gotten closer. He hates me even being in the same room with him. Much less doing him a favor. Any way. Hes out of town for a month and i agreed to help my sister watch her while shes at work. And after i agreed with this and informed my fiance of it, last night out of the blue he decides he doesnt want me to. And i told him id try not to as much after this month because i already agreed to doing it. So today i had to babysit and he threw a fit saying im disrespecting him and i never listen to him and blah blah blah. Im so tired of him being so childish. Ive been down and upset all day long and i asked him not to do this today. But it doesnt matter what i want. Only what he wants. He told me i need to “do my part as the woman in the relationship and do what i say” like what the fuck?