To Put up Decorations or Not.... Christmas on a Budget.

🌈Katherine🌈 • 👶🏼 9.21.2016. 👼🏻 8.21.2015.

Okay, I have a 14 month old girl, and finances are going to be really tight this Christmas, with only me bringing in one income. I’m planning on working crazy overtime to pay for my family’s Christmas gifts, so I haven’t even thought of doing Christmas decorations (we just moved to a new apartment and still aren’t fully unpacked. Nothing’s even close to organized or decorated yet). So, my question is: with a 14-month-Old who will likely tear it down, is it even worth it to put of a Christmas tree or other decor? Any cheap/DIY decor ideas that are baby-friendly? Any ideas would help immensely. I want my daughter to have fun, but I also need to be able to pay our bills on time.