I need an opinion.. fast! Im scared.. 😰

Karli • 21. Louisiana. Pisces.

So I was suppose to get my period Nov 3.. i had brown discharge on Halloween night. My period ended up being about four or five days late. I had on and off dark brown discharge when I wiped for three days. It went from that to dark brown and pink.. and then went to dark brown and red. That lasted for three days. It was an abnormally light period .. I only had to wipe. I brushed it off as a light AF and gave up on the implantation idea. Well I have been experiencing serious pregnancy symptoms.. but I just assumed it was stress and anxiety I have been going through a lot recently. And all the tests I took were negative. I noticed a few days ago some slight cramping in pelvic region and muscle tightness.. it almost feels sensitive to the touch and hurt a tad. I went to check it earlier to make sure I was okay.. and I seen this.. does anyone know wtf is going on with me? I’m so lost and scared something might seriously be wrong. Weird lump??