medical scares

sonja • Miss Skarra💝 proud mommy to a super active toddler. currently seperating from an abusive relationship

so we have recently started going thru some medical things with my son. lots of blood work i was calm and collected on wednesday when she told us it appeared his thyroid was low. she said we would retest the numbers in a month and see her in the new year before we got to much about treatment plan. then my doctors office called back yesterday and explained that the test results she had given me on Wednesday were old ones that the ones we did wednesday morning came in yesterday morning and our doctor is requesting to see us right away. we are booked in for the 4th and im very emotional and worried. that means the results she looked at were from when he was admitted a couple days after being born for jaundice which means his thyroid possibly has been low this whole time. :( i realize their is worse things and im very thankful its not worse. but im still super stressed. anyone else have a child that has hypothyroidism?