Just a rant about in-laws during the holidays

My 6 year old son is stubborn, I know this. He's smart, almost tested in the gifted program in 1st grade and always gets A' s. He's loving, caring, and his teacher and friends see this. However, when something doesn't go his way, he shuts down and doesn't talk to anyone. It's frustrating to everyone around when he gets in those moods. My in-laws, who have always been wonderful to me and my 2 kids crossed the line today. When my son stood in a corner and ignored everyone because he was mad he got yelled at for playing too loud, my in-laws said unforgivable things. "My son is a hoodrat." "I need to be a parent, not a friend to my kids." "I don't discipline him and don't know how to be a parent." I know reading this, you don't have the other side some of these comments came from my sister-in-law who "advised me" so wisely that her kids are so well behaved because "she beat them when they misbehaved." I cant forgive the awful parenting critisim when they are no perfect parents themselves (My mother, father, and sister in law who all commented negatively)and certainly when they offered no constructive criticism or positive advice. I'm so angry that I feel I never want to visit them again. My husband tried to stick up for us, but wasn't much help which is a separate story (we drove separate so he can hunt with a neighbor and he stayed at his parents like they did nothing to upset his own wife and criticise his own kids). Anyway, thanks for readkng.