So at 8dpo I had four bfps then followed the next day and all the days after with bfn’s

Now two weeks and a bit on from that AF is two weeks late,

*getting metal taste

*sore boobs

*feeling sick


*pain in lower abdomen but not bad!

*tired all the time

*aches and pains

*constant headache

*frequent peeing

So I wrote the bfp off as wrong or another chemical, but AF is two weeks late could a chemical muck everything up like this?

Also 3 days ago I took a test and I thought I could see a faint line but 2 weeks ago it was sooooo clear surely if I was pregnant the test would be pretty obvious by now!!

Please help, have I skipped my period and gone to ovulation?

This stupid app changes my ovulation day from this cycle as my period is late but that’s not how it works 🙄🙄