My boyfriend and i have literally been together for almost a year and we haven't done anything as a couple. We went out with his boss once bowling. but every time I ask him if we can do something on my days off he says he doesn't know if he'll be busy or not. he doesn't even try to not be busy for one day to do something with me and my 3 year old daughter. Even during the summer he wouldnt go to the beach with us he wouldn't go to family outings with us. nothing. and he always tells me he can't help that he's a busy person. He tells me if I had my license it would be easier to do things. then i say to him if you can't stop what you're doing on your time to go out with me why are you going to stop on my time to go out with me. i don't want to go to your house and watch you work and be bored when i can sit at home and be just as bored waiting for you to be done at 9/10 at night when you come over. He says we cant do things because of my little one because she doesn't need to be out that late. but what he doesn't understand is he needs to have a relationship with her too. She loves him so much and so do I. I'm just tired of trying to make myself important to him. I compete every day with work when it comes to him. He's 24 and Im 21.He should be old enough to realize I'm important too and so is my daughter.