Have you gotten pregnant after just hooking up with someone?

I never hooked up with anyone before I've only been with one person prior to my daughters father. We hooked up during the summer of 2016 & I ended up getting pregnant by him, he wanted me to keep the baby so I did & we have been together since. She is 10 months now. Problem is, he's always questioning my motives whenever we're around other people. He accuses me of my eyes wandering, smiling too much, stuff that just isn't true. Now I'm too scared to be around him & his friends or family. He says he has reason to doubt me because of the way we met which I understand. But since we've been together, I have never done anything questionable while he has a couple of times but I forgave it. I wish I was able to tell him where I was mentally when we hooked up but I'm afraid it'll just get him upset. I was single for almost a year before meeting my SO. I was really heart broken from my last relationship & I was just on this "fuck having feelings I'm just going to have fun" idea. He says that I have hoe tendencies but if he only knew I have never been a hoe. Technically I was a hoe just for him. Everyone says this relationship is doomed & I'm starting to think so as well. I'm 10 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child & I'm worried that he may be using me to just have his kids so that he doesn't have to have any by someone else one day. He says he loves me & I do love him but I don't think a relationship can be built without trust & I have obviously ruined that from the day we met.