I'm a post chemo patient- my chances are low


I'm 3 year post chemo now and have been in remission ever since. when I was diagnosed my doctor said their was no time to freeze my eggs as I needed to begin treatment straight away, and if I went ahead with having my eggs removed that would delay chemo by a minimum of 3 months! (as I needed time to heal from surgery and get my body ready for the toxins of chemotheraphy) anyway long story short.. I'm 27 and have been panicing about trying to concieve just because I couldn't bare the repeated disappointment. we tried for 2 months and nothing. Just when I had plucked up the courage to tell my partner we should hold off for a bit longer BAM! Against all odds we are now pregnant!! Ive done 3 tests and all positive! Ive bought two more tests just to be sure!! 😁😁😁😁😁