8dpo cramping so bad -- one week until AF

Rocio • Mommy to Our Angel 👼🏽 10/21/2018 & Our Rainbow 🌈 2/21/2020

a week ago or so I felt ovulation cramps on both my pelvic sides. this was odd because I have noticed a right, left, right pattern. but this month i felt it on both sides. which leads me to believe that I released two eggs. My grandmother had twins, and her grandmother had twins. so having twins is now stuck in my head lol. yesterday, 7dpo I felt super intense cramps on my right side. and a little bit later in the day I felt some cramping on my left side. and very randomly I would feel cramping in the middle. could this be implantation? I've gotten no blood l, but the cramps on the right are super intense I have to lie down and put my warm hand over it to calm down a bit. What do you guys think?