Coming out of a slump

So my husband and I have hit a slump in our sex life ive been dying but understanding that my husband is stressed this afternoon my husband came home from work and I was bending over doing something he came behind me and started messing around by humping me as a joke then all the sudden yanked my pants to the floor

I was so surprised

He started kissing my back while I was still bent over and rubbing my ass it had came out of no where and I had no idea what even to say

All of sudden he pulled my panties to the side and started fingering me almost simultaneously my pussy went

I let out a moan and that’s when my husband stood me up and said go get on the bed I’ll be in there in a second when I get in there I want you naked keep in mind my husband is fairly traditional when we have sex so this was out of no where so I’m like

He gets to the room and pulled my legs open and started eating me out I was already soaking wet so Im like let’s fuck already

All the sudden the man I fell for came out he was an animal fucking harder than ever he was saying all kinds of dirty shit

Needles to say I’m in love with this new sex drive my my husband