Getting fed up with dude I’m supposedly talking to

Tyasia • Life’s what you make it ❣️

So me and this dude met on the internet June or July. We’ve been talking daily ever since then UNTILL 2 months ago (I think). We use to talk all the time!! I loved it! He would send me goodmorning texts just as soon as he woke up, he would text me throughout the day on his breaks, and when he gets off. We would call and FaceTime also. We met for the first time 2 months after meeting. Gradually it seemed like every time we met, he would communicate with me less and less. And whenever we would meet we would have sex and he would always ask for it. So I recently started wondering if he just wants me for sex?...

But I addressed him about how I would like us to start talking like we use to and he said he would work on it ( he hasn’t). Starting recently we will go a day without talking. Let me not forget to mention he has two kids, and work full time. So he says that when he gets off work (5am-4pm) he goes to his kids to watch them. He also lives 2 hours away so we don’t see each everyday, this is why I feel like we should call, text, FaceTime on the regular!

Anyways, last time I saw him he said he really still likes me but he’s just really tired all the time. I asked him if we were to come all this way into whatever type relationship we got, what’s the point of you all of a sudden slacking? He told me he’s just not ready for a relationship, and because of his hours and then his kids he just don’t have time for anything (which I understand, because every time he goes out, it’s real late at night). So I was like okay,cool. I recently checked his profile on the dating site we met on just to see if things were the same, and I see that he uploaded his insta account, which was NOT up there before. So I got heated!!

Since we are not in a relationship and we are talking and having sex, (but not talking like we use to), but he claims he still likes me, is it right for me to get mad about his account? I personally still feel close with him, but we just don’t talk like we use to.