Late Period, Clear Discharge, Negative OPK.. HELP!

Ilish • Engaged 💍 Expecting Baby #1 👶🏼

Okay I’m SO confused. I’ve been tracking my ovulation for months now, I always ovulate on the 29th-30th of the month and get a clear gooey discharge and light cramping at that time. Last month I never had any discharge or cramping so I just thought maybe I had missed it.. fast forward to today (The 11th) AF is 3 days late but I’ve had severe cramping and nausea for the past 2 days, I obviously was expecting for AF to show up today. I went to the bathroom tonight and A LOT (sorry tmi I know) of clear gooey discharge came out.. way more than when I usually ovulate. I took an OPK test to see if there was some way I’m ovulating 2 weeks late than normal and it came out negative. What the heck is going on?!