A side cramp that turned into delivering baby boy!


I went in on December 5th, 38 weeks 2 days, because the night before I had a cramp on my right side that Just wouldn’t let up and it continued through the night. It was a sharp constant pain and was nervous because my placenta was in that area. So I woke up and husband and I went to the hospital at around 6:00am. Before I left, I decided to pick out clothes for my hospital bag. I knew that I wasn’t in labor but thought I should go ahead and get it done. I put my clothes with my bag, leaving the bag at home because I knew I wasn’t in labor. So anyways, I got to the hospital and baby and placenta looked good and after many ultrasounds and tests, they couldn’t find an answer for my pain. They decided to check me and I was not dilated at all. They said all they could do was keep me for observation so I agreed. Pain was still there. So after many hours and no change they decided to check me again. This time I was 4 cm and I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t feel anything except for that sharp pain. So they told me i wasn’t leaving with out a baby. I was so shocked! I am a first time mom and I thought for sure I would be 40 plus weeks before he would get here. Well, I asked for an epidural because I wanted a relaxing labor experience so after a few hours I got one and they broke my water. After 5 hours from being checked last and about 30 minutes after my water broke, they checked me again and I was only 5cm. I was expecting to get pitocin because of how slow labor was going but that never happened. At this point I had been awake for 24 hours and haven’t had anything to eat either. Finally the next morning they check me again and I was at 9cm and told me it wouldn’t be long. I was soooo tired and starving! With the epidural, I never really felt any labor pains throughout this whole process. My doctor had to tell me when my contractions were so I could push because I couldn’t feel them. He finally got here at 10:09am, about 37 hours from when my side pain started. He was 7lbs 10oz and 20in long. I couldn’t be more happy and I love him more than anything!