Mother in law is crazy

Makaya • 20, married, mommy to a baby girl

My husband and I have been married almost a year. His psychotic mother told us to get out when I was 19 weeks pregnant and my husband told me to pack up our stuff and us move in with my parents. Which was my plan anyways I missed my family and he’s almost done with his degree so I thought it was honestly the best thing for us! But when we was moving out she decided to turn it into a domestic violence case where she was the one instigating it and my husband didn’t touch her but she was hitting him and kicking him telling him how much she hated him and how she’s been trying to get me away from him and how his ex fiancé Rachel was so much better for him than me and that I ruined his life. And she wanted him to stay living with her but she meant for me to get out. I had the flu while pregnant and she called my best friend that was over fat. I had just turned 19, married her son and I’ve never seen this man more happier in his life. He was 24 and basically her “son husband” I called it because this woman literally cannot keep a man and he raised his 11 year old brother.... but we got out moved in with my parents and everything was great I was finally happy again and my pregnancy became fun.

But fast forward in June I had my baby shower and I was nice enough to invite her and in her granddaughters book for her to read all the nice comments instead of putting “grandma” this lady puts her full name.... so I was pretty pissed I grew up without my grandfather around and my grandma on drugs and in and out of psych wards... now my daughter will grow up only with 1 set of grandparents (my parents) which is fine but my husbands dad isn’t around either I’ve never met him and all I know is a name.... but fast forward to when my daughter was born I was induced for 18 hours and when the nurses would come in and check my dilation my husbands little brother and her wouldn’t WOULD NOT leave my room when I told them too. I was beyond frustrated and in pain and I just wanted some normality to my Labor. My mom being in the room didn’t bother me she was my support system besides my husband. But he went to the bathroom and they wouldn’t leave!!!! This happened back in September but I just couldn’t fathom them looking and seeing my vagina!!!!

My dad and brothers even my moms dad had the decency to walk it while I was getting checked.... but fast forward a bit.... my daughter was 5 weeks old and we had went over to see his mom multiple times but everytime we went I was sick or hurting. So we would spend a couple of hours then leave. But she drove by my moms house and stopped when my husband and I had just got home only god knows how long she was sitting outside my house and when my husband walked over to say hey look before you come over here you need to call and I breastfeed my daughter so I just walked into her house and fed her but my mil decided to smart off saying that she never gets to see my daughter and how we are holding her hostage and shit like that.

I’m honestly glad I wasn’t around I’ve done called her a psychotic bitch that’s when she was kicking me out and telling my husband that his ex should’ve been with him and not me and I don’t need her anywhere around me honestly.... so he tells her that if she keeps treating me and my sister in law like crap and that we are unwanted around that Him and his older brother which has my nephew won’t ever come around.... when she did watch my nephew for a bit she let him scream and didn’t make an attempt to sooth him and he was only about 5-8 weeks old him and my daughter are 10 weeks apart.... but she hasn’t called and asked about my daughter or my nephew or my husband and his schooling for that matter.... we didn’t do thanksgiving with her she didn’t make an attempt to get her grandkids to come over and even now we are going and spending time with our family in a different state for Christmas/Hanukkah.... my daughter is 13 weeks old and I hope and pray she never has to deal with the crap that I did from his family!.... but I’m a family oriented person I want my daughter to know her grandma but the way that it’s going she won’t.... am I horrible for this? My husband doesn’t want to be around her just as much as I dont! Honestly though I need help😂😭😩 I’m at my breaking point with his mother