Babys Finger Nails


So how often do y'all moms trim and file your babies nails? I feel like I'm doing it every other day! I always get them as low as I can without causing any harm and then file the edges so there's nothing sharp. They usually end up being just short of the tip of her finger. And then a day or so later, they're long and sharp again! Hate to admit but they grow so fast that sometimes I don't realize that a whole 2 days has gone by until she wakes up and has scratches on her head. (She likes to scratch her head while she's sleeping, soothes herself that way.) so this morning she wakes up and her head is bleeding and I mean I JUST did her nails on Sunday and it's only Tuesday morning! It's no easy feat getting her nails clipped-she's 6 months and grabbing and wiggling like crazy so I'm at my wits end with it. My husband and I work full time so we hardly get time with her as it is and I feel like every other day 20 mins out of the 1 hour we get with her in the evening is just clipping her nails (then pajamas and cereal bottles and bedtime story and then it's bedtime already)

Bit of a rant-but how do you keep up on them!!?