I’m on an emotional roller coaster..

Well, I’m definitely pregnant. I took my first test yesterday afternoon

And my second test first this this morning

There’s no denying it. I know it’s only the beginning but I don’t think I could have ended up with a better man to go through this with. We’re not married and the baby wasn’t planned...but so far he has been more loving and supportive than I could have ever asked for. I didn’t have to words to tell him when I took the test, all I could do was cry and he just held me, told me he loves me and everything with be okay. He isn’t excited, but he does tell me he is happy and wouldn’t change it. We’re moving to Florida next month and it’s only short term so we will be back home before the baby is due which makes things even messier regarding putting together a room for the baby and where to have my doctor and what not. I’m only 18 and I’m scared, he’s 30 and definitely the level headed one in all this. Im not scared because I don’t think we can do this, I know we can. I’m just scared because... I don’t know.

God help me.