How do you feel about your kids (or your hypothetical kids😊) going to sleepovers?

CherBear 🐻

My six year old wants to go to her friend's house for a sleep over. I have known her friend's mom for a few months now, and we've hung out on a few occasions. She's lives with her husband and two kids. My daughter has only ever slept over family's houses though. I get a little anxious when she's away from me these days. Her Kindergarten teacher last year was a pedophile that molested a few kids in her old class, even though my daughter wasn't a victim, I still feel guilty for having her in a dangerous situation for so long even though no one knew it was going on before he was thankfully caught. That whole situation has made me really paranoid. My husband says it's fine with him if she goes and he's usually the over protective one🙄. Idk, am I being over protective here? Do you guys let your kids go to sleepovers? My parents didn't when I was a kid, wanted to see yalls opinion.