I deserve better

Every time my husband gets mad he treats me like crap telling me to “shut the fuck up bitch” or calling me other names. when he isn’t mad he is good & always apologizes but i can’t take it anymore. He always makes me feel like I’m a piece of shit, like I’m not enough. Then he wonders why I’m battling with depression. I’m a good wife. I work hard. I have 2 amazing little boys that mean the world to me. I can’t do this anymore. As much as I want my family together I can’t have him treat me like this and he will never change. I can’t have the boys thinking this is normal. It’s time to separate. I can’t and won’t deal with this anymore. My boys deserve better. I deserve better.

Thank you all. Yes I have tried talking to him. Multiple times he says I’m right and he is sorry but when he gets mad it’s like he is a different person. What worries me the most is my boys. I don’t want them thinking it’s normal and treat their partner like that ever or worse having my husband treat them like that. I’ve been with this man for almost 10 years and I love him but I won’t have my children growing up like this.