Gender Reveal FAIL!


Officially 20 weeks! Baby is half baked! To say I’m an impatient person is an understatement... this is my second pregnancy but first this far along. From the very beginning of the positive pregnancy test I felt like I was having a girl. Call it mothers intuition, it just felt right to me. I could see our future, what she looked like, the whole shebang! Well my insurance won’t do gender until your 20 week full anatomy scan... I COULDN’T WAIT THAT LONG! I found a little place in town that does gender ultrasounds as early as 15 weeks! I was 16 1/2 weeks when we went. Baby was very active that morning, moving and jumping around, tech said she had a hard time finding gender. My husband and I asked her to put the results in a sealed envelope so we could announce later that evening to our closest family and friends. The tech DID NOT seem confident. My husband even asked her are sure enough that we can tell our family and she said YESSS! We announced that evening that we were having a BOY! Gave him a name (Brody) posted the video on social media, everyone was happy! I was a little sad because up to that point I had totally thought Baby was a girl. Time to switch gears!!! Thankfully nothing was purchased but we were just getting used to calling “it” HIM and calling him by his name. I purchased Christmas cards for goodness sake with his name on them! Well just about one month after THE BIG REVEAL we had our 20 weeks anatomy scan. Appointment is about an hour long and last 10 minutes hubby gets to see. The tech was very sweet and asks if we would like confirmation of babies gender, “Yes, of course!” She says “congrats, it’s a GIRL!” My husbands eyes instantly welled up. Poor guy LOL! I will admit it’s a hard pill to swallow as you feel kind of jerked around! But the true blessing is baby is very healthy, everything looks great! Needless to say, we are very blessed to be having a girl! Welcome baby Avery Elizabeth 🎀💕